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State officials are considering a new method on how to calculate child support payments.  Pam Lowry, with the state's Division of Child Support Enforcement, says the new payment rate would be based on the combined income of both parents as opposed to a percentage of the non-custodial parent's income.

[audio:rddCSrate1.mp3]A Word From Lowry[/audio]

Lowry says the parent's portions of the payment would be proportionate to income.  So if the parents make the same amount of money, their contributions would be equal.  If one parent makes 75-percent of the combined income and the other parent makes 25-percent, then the proportionate payment split would be 75-25.  Lowry says the income shares method is more transparent upfront and better reflects the needs of the child.  She says the switch is in its very early stages.  Lowry says any changes would have to be cleared through the Illinois legislature.

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