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With 2011 behind us, one local Senator is looking back at how things went in Springfield.

2011 was certainly a year of surprises for Illinois legislation. Illinois Senator Dan Brady says the year ended on a high note after starting out on a negative note. He says he is pleased legislators were able to work to find ways to keep jobs in Illinois.

[audio:bradyyearinreview1.mp3]Sen. Brady On Keeping Jobs in Illinois[/audio]

Sen. Brady points to several tax break lawmakers implemented as ways to stimulate and help struggling Illinois families. He is also optimistic when lawmakers convene later in January, they can continue the process of repealing the income tax increase that he feels has hindered this economy.

[audio:bradyyearinreview2.mp3]A Word From Sen. Brady[/audio]

Sen. Brady did not pause to criticize Governor Quinn and his administration spending beyond the means of Illinois. He hopes legislators can find ways to start paying back overdue debts and keep future generations from having to reap the consequences of current lawmakers spending.

[audio:bradyyearinreview3.mp3]Sen. Brady On Gov. Quinn's Administration[/audio]

Sen. Brady points out issues for the coming year include reform on the workers compensation system and continuing investing in utility and energy systems to make energy affordable. Sen. Brady is optimistic lawmakers can continue their bipartisan efforts to continue positive reforms in Springfield in 2012.

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