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The Clinton Fire Department had an eventful week between Christmas and New Year's.

On December 29 at around 2:30 AM, a garage fire was reported at 417 North Walnut Street in Clinton. It is believed that suspects caught the garage on fire, completely destroying the garage and causing damage to two other buildings near the structure. During the same time that evening, a trash can fire was also reported in an alley nearby, which the Clinton Police Department was able to take care of.

Clinton Fire Chief Shawn Milton says these cases of arson are one of several cases reported in the past two and a half years in the northwest portion of Clinton. Chief Milton adds the State Fire Marshall is looking into the cases.

[audio:fires1.mp3]Chief Milton On Cases[/audio]

Chief Milton says the fires are happening mostly between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am. He asks residents noticing any suspicious activity near them to report what they see to the police to help get the situation under control.

[audio:fires2.mp3]Chief Milton Encourages Residents To Keep Eye Out For Suspicious Activity[/audio]

The cases have been hard to track because of the lack of consistency. Chief Milton says until recently nothing had been reported, but the three cases in the past week and a half have caused the State Fire Marshall to become involved.

[audio:fires3.mp3]Chief Milton On Fire Marshall Getting Involved[/audio]

The third fire in the past week and a half was an attempted vehicle fire. The State Fire Marshall reported the inside of the vehicle was showed signs of being burned, but was self extinguished.

Again, anyone noticing suspicious activity near them is encouraged to report it to the police.

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