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The Blue Ridge Board of Education will consider their proposed Drug Testing Policy at their January Board Meeting.

Revisions have been made to the original proposal. Superintendent of Blue Ridge Schools Susan Wilson explains based on feedback she and board members have received, she will be making revisions for their board meeting this month, January 18.

[audio:drugtest1.mp3]Wilson On Revisions[/audio]

The districts students and members of the community have expressed concerns both in favor and against the policy. She says concerns over privacy are the biggest issues right now, which will be a part of her revised draft.

[audio:drugtest2.mp3]A Word From Wilson[/audio]

The Sheriff's Departments and State's Attorneys in DeWitt, Piatt, and McLean Counties have worked with Blue Ridge Schools to establish Reciprocal Reporting Agreements so they they can now share information regarding arrests and illegal activities of minors between the agencies. Wilson says this will allow the schools to more fairly enforce activity codes among the students. She adds in the past there have been instances where law enforcement could only inform them of names of students that were 18 or older who had been arrested. The new agreements would allow them to obtain all the names involved.

[audio:drugtest1.mp3]Wilson On The New Agreement[/audio]

Wilson says the drug policy is intended to prevent drug use among students and give them an "out" when they are tempted to do drugs. The proposed policy is posted at the Blue Ridge website, blueridge18.org and action could be taken on the policy at the Blue Ridge Board of Education's January meeting.

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