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A couple of DeWitt County Sheriff's Deputies were recently recognized for their service at the DeWitt County Board's December meeting.

Deputies Luke Werts and Scott Pippen were recognized by their peers for their service above what is required them. DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner says recognitions such as the ones they receive mean more especially when they are chosen by their peers.

[audio:deputies1.mp3]Sheriff ShofnerOn His Deputies Recognitions[/audio]

Deputy Werts was recognized for a specific instance in which he came across a subject who was suicidal and was able to keep him from taking his life. Sheriff Shofner says not only did Deputy Werts save the man's life but also kept the public safe in the process.

[audio:deputies2.mp3]Sheriff Shofner On Werts Work[/audio]

Deputy Pippen was recognized for his actions during an incident in Wapella earlier in 2011, which the Casey's was being held up and Deputy Pippen was able to make an arrest on one of  the co-conspirators of the incident. Sheriff Shofner says Deputy Pippen showed great composure as one of the first to arrive on the scene to recover significant pieces of evidence that may otherwise have been lost.

[audio:deputies3.mp3]Sheriff Shofner On Pippen's Work[/audio]

Sheriff Shofner is proud of Deputies Werts and Pippen for their hard work. Werts and Pippen have been Deputies for the department for a couple years. The Sheriff notes both were promoted from correctional officers of the jail, and Shofner notes, promotions such as the cases with Werts and Pippen is something he takes pleasure in doing. Deputy Pippen handles the County's K-9 unit and Deputy Werts is an overnight officer.

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