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Central Illinois residents have not seen the amount of snow they are used to for this time of the year, which is having a positive effect on the streets departments.

Clinton Public Works Director Steve Lobb says the lack of snow fall has been good for him and his crews this winter. He says last year they spent much of the winter keeping the streets clear of snow, but this year they are able to focus their attention to other areas of need around the community.

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Because there has not been much snow fall, Lobb explains the materials they use throughout the winter to keep the roads clear are not getting exhausted at the rate they have in the past. Lobb says the budget is benefiting from the mild winter we've seen thus far.

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According to Lobb, each year the department budgets themselves more than enough to get by through the winters. He explains they base their budget needs on their past trends. He says unused funds, which they may have this year go towards a reserve for the city.

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Lobb says according to reports he has heard, January is calling for more above normal temperatures and average precipitation, which will mean little snow. He says while February and March are too far away to predict, he feels like we are not out of the woods in central Illinois yet, with several weeks of winter yet to come.

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