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Decatur Police have arrested two men who were allegedly running a cocaine and marijuana ring in the city.

Juliano Melgarejo, 28, also known as Jason Ortiz, and Nelson Arroyo, 46, have been charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine over 900 grams and possession of 500-2000 grams of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Police say they pulled Arroyo over on Route 51 South Tuesday afternoon. Officers searched the car and allegedly found 2000 grams of cocaine and 908 grams of marijuana. Police estimate the street value of the drugs to be $209,000.

Officers located a separate car driven by Melgarejo later and Melgarejo was found walking several blocks away and police say he ran when approached by officers. Police tazed Melgarejo in order to arrest him.

The police department says it has been investigating Melgarejo and Arroyo since August 2011 in sworn statements. Their investigations found the pair would meet at a rest stop on I-72, then drive into Decatur in separate cars and meet up again.

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