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Our first real taste of winter is on its way today and Tamara McFeeters with DeWitt County Animal Control reminds residents to not forget about their furry friends.

McFeeters says the best place for dogs when the snow flies is inside. For some dogs though, they are used to being outside. No one wants to live in a home with holes in the walls or water where you relax and neither so dogs, so she asks owners to take the time to make sure their pets' outdoor homes are air tight and free of snow or water.

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During the cold times, McFeeters has a couple of tips for dog owners to help their dog stay warm. She explains dogs use extra calories to stay warm when it's cold, so they may need to be fed more than usual. And also make sure the dog has a warm bed to sleep on. She says if a bed is not available, fresh straw will work as well.

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The road crews will most likely be out salting the roads and homeowners make take precautions themselves to salt their own sidewalks and driveways. McFeeters says the salt on the ground is not good for the pads of their feet. She encourages owners to rinse off the dogs feet after they have been out if exposed to the salt. She also says to monitor snow and ice build up in certain areas of a dogs body as well.

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McFeeters adds young dogs and puppies need to be kept inside because they will not have gotten their winter coats yet. She also says it is very important to make sure their water bowls are not frozen and they continue to have plenty of fresh water.

To get more information on perhaps acquiring some fresh straw for your pet or get more tips or questions on winter care you can contact Second Chance in Clinton at 935-3488.

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