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A local photographer will be teaching a class through Richland Community College's Continuing Education Program.

Ed Cicenas, owner of EMC Photography in Clinton will be teaching a class on photography next Monday. Cicenas explains the class aims to teach students about many key aspects to photography. He also notes the class will not just be him standing up teaching, those who participate will have the opportunity to go out and take their own pictures.

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Not only will the class discuss what makes a good or bad picture, but Cicenas says he will show those who attend how to adjust settings to make the camera take a picture they can be proud of and make it look the way they want.

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Cicenas believes knowing how to operate a camera can make a huge difference in the quality of picture. He hopes to enlighten those in his class about adjusting and using a camera like a professional. He says taking a good picture simply comes down to the person using the camera.

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Classes begin next Monday January the 23. Registration is due by Thursday. Cicenas explains it is a 5-week class that will meet Mondays at the EMC Photography studios in downtown Clinton from 5-7 pm.

For more information on the class or to register you can contact Richland Community College at 217-875-7211, ext. 265. Cicenas also teaches several photography seminars at Richland you can learn more about as well.

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