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The DeWitt County Sheriff's Correctional Officer's will be purchasing new uniforms.

DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner explains the current uniforms the Correctional Officers are wearing have not been replaced for quite some time, and they felt it would be nice to have something new.

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The new uniforms will have a two major benefits to them. Sheriff Shofner notes the first and primary benefit will be safety. The new uniforms will eliminate all metal from them. He says any metal on the Officers could potentially be used as a weapon.

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The second advantage to getting new uniforms will benefit the pocketbook of the department. According to Sheriff Shofner, not only do the new uniforms cost less than their current uniforms, and he adds the maintenance cost for the new uniforms is low so the cost will benefit them in the long run.

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The Correctional Officers have been working on this project since Sheriff Shofner took over as Sheriff. The Officers themselves did the research on the uniforms and found the uniforms that would fit best into the Department's budget.

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