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This month marksone year since Governor Quinn and a lame-duck legislature, led by a Democrat majority, enacted the largest tax hike in Illinois history. State Representative Jason Barickman from Champaign says he warned when Democrats raised taxes on individuals by 67% and businesses by 46% the economic impacts would be harmful and the tax hikes would do little to solve Illinois’ deep-rooted fiscal problems.

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Lawmakers claimed the tax hike would go to help pay for overdue bills the State of Illinois still owes. Rep. Barickman says lawmakers have yet to address the spending side, which is why the tax increase appears ineffective.

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One of the top goals of lawmakers for this upcoming spring session seems to be pension reform. Barickman feels that on top of allowing small businesses being allowed to be the job creators of the economy is vital for the future of Illinois.

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Rep. Barickman feels in addition to taking more from the hardworking families of Illinois, the tax increases have pushed jobs and economic investments to other states. He believes the problems Illinois faces are only going to get worse unless a serious effort is made to drastically reduce spending and reform major programs that are eating up a large portion of the budget.

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