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As lawmakers head back to Springfield in another week, trimming the budget is the goal of most Republican legislators.

One are of the budget that one local legislator would like addressed is addressing fraud. State Representative Chapin Rose feels the state needs to work on cutting back on Medicaid and welfare fraud. Rep. Rose says studies done by the government have shown welfare fraud can cost the tax payers anywhere from three quarters of a billion dollars to a billion and a half dollars.

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Rep. Rose says positive things have begun to happen in the areas of welfare and Medicare fraud, which he hopes can snowball into more positive things to help Illinois get out of debt. He explains his ideas find fraudulent money and returns it to the taxpayers.

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Rep. Rose feels the amount of money the state is paying in towards people taking advantage of the system is hindering the state from moving towards a balanced budget. He says altogether with welfare and Medicaid fraud combined, Illinois is losing almost $20-million.

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Rose admits the new system they have recently implemented does need some changes made. But he says cracking down on these issues sends the message that Illinois will not stand idle and allow for people continue to benefit from system.

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