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The community of Monticello is celebrating their 175th anniversary this year.

Earlier in the week Regional Radio outlined the events Monticello will hold throughout the year to celebrate, but along with celebrating with the many annual activities, the city is going to use this year to showcase their rich history and also the progressive projects. Monticello Mayor Chris Corrie feels the town has a lot to showcase and be proud of.

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Mayor Corrie feels their is a lot to showcase when it comes to the historic aspect of the Monticello. He says many homes and buildings are very historic and well preserved, and this year is a good opportunity to showcase them.

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While the history of Monticello is certainly rich and well preserved, the city has taken many steps recently to progress in other areas. Mayor Corrie explains recently the community home to a new hospital and medical clinic on the outer portions of town. He adds the city recently build a new water tower. All three structures the town is very proud of.

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The community of Monticello will be celebrating their 175th anniversary by expanding on many yearly events through the course of 2012. The first of their yearly events will be their annual "Chocolate Fantasy" on February 10th.

To find out more of the many things Monticello has in the works for their 175th celebration you can visit monticellomainstreet.org.

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