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January is the time of month for school districts across the state to begin planning for the next school year.

Dr. Jeff Holmes, Superintendent of Clinton Schools explains he has begun planning for staffing for next year. He explains enrollment numbers are down this year, which will allow the Board to decrease the number of sections in some classes, leading to reductions in staff members. He says the biggest drop in enrollment has been at the kindergarten level, which has been a trend in recent years.

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Through retirements and resignations and slimming class sizes, everyone in the district will remain employed, which is good news according to Dr. Holmes. However, he does worry about class sizes continuing to decrease.

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Dr. Holmes feels younger families are moving away from the area and closer to where they work simply because of the commute. He feels that on top people moving to where there are jobs available with the slow economy contributes to the shrinking class sizes.

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Dr. Holmes says the current positions they have in place will save the district about $160-thousand dollars. The district will be consolidating their high school librarian position as their current librarian is retiring following the school year.

We will have more on the consolidation of the librarian position tomorrow on Regional Radio News.

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