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The librarian your high school students work with at Clinton High School won't be the traditional librarian anymore.

The Clinton Board of Education is making a change when it comes to the person working with your students in the high school library. Current Clinton High School Librarian, Beth Glenn will be retiring following the school. Clinton Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeff Holmes explains the district has looked into a different approach to filling the vacancy, gearing it towards addressing their technology push.

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You may recall, it has been a goal of the school district's for some time to begin implementing one-to-one computing to the students. Dr. Holmes explains the district currently have tablets in the hands of their administrators and they will work to get them to the teachers and then the last step will be your students. He believes with the continuing advancements in technology, they need to keep up and teach students about the devices they are going to be encountering throughout their lives.

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You might think the cost for a project like this may be a drain on the district's budget, however, Dr. Holmes says funding for hundreds of Ipads is quite simple and easily addressed. He says leasing is a great option for the district because once an electronic item becomes outdated, they have the option to trade them in for something newer.

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Once your child gets an ipad, parents would be responsible for purchasing insurance on it.

Dr. Holmes feels this is a good move for the district because of the way the lease works. He also feels it will be a much greener option because it will cut down on papers being handed in, as teachers could have students electronically send in their work. In addition, it will cut down on the cost of textbooks.

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