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Members of the University of Illinois Senate Committee say there's a culture of opposition and intimidation built around university president Michael Hogan.  They say representatives  from Hogan's office attend meetings, take notes on the issues that are close to him, and then report back to the president.  Vice Chair Joyce Tolliver says that's a problem that should soon be addressed.  Hogan says he wants to meet with the group more often to improve communications but committee members say that will only be effective if Hogan is willing to compromise.  They say he usually comes with very strong ideas in mind and even though he listens to their opinions, things always seem to go his way.  The issue comes up after Hogan's former chief of staff allegedly sent emails to the committee trying to sway their opinions about an enrollment management plan.  Hogan says there's a misunderstanding about the plan and for now they're taking it off the agenda.

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