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Updating the locks and dams on the Mississpipi River has been a topic of discussion for several years now. No one knows this better than Ron Kindred - central Illinois farmer and a Board Member of the American Soybean Association.
In fact - ASA has been working very hard to get something done to improve the infrastructure of the river system because of the importance of moving soybeans - and other commodities - to the gulf for export.
Kindred says it's been a long and ongoing process to get funding authorized.
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Kindred says current lock system is well past it's lifespan, and failure to improve it ultimately comes back to the producers bottom line.
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And Kindred worries about the future of the U.S. economy as a whole should the lock system ultimately fail.
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Kindred says the most frustrating part is there is a trust fund that was set up to pay for all of the renovations, upgrades and dredging - and it was accompanied by legislation to protect the fund -  however only about half of that fund is being used for its intended purpose.
ASA Board Member Ron Kindred lives and farms near Atlanta, Illinois in Logan County.

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