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The City of Clinton was awarded a state grant to serve to create economic jobs yesterday.

 width=State Representative Bill Mitchell made an appearance yesterday at City Hall to present the city with the grant. The process began when former Mayor Ed Wollett was in office for the city. Mitchell explains the process took so long due to disagreements between legislators. Mitchell says the grant is a part of a capital bill that lawmakers pass every 10 years.

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Mitcell says he is honored to represent Clinton and DeWitt County. He applauds those working for the city as well as the elected officials to be persistent in getting the grant and working towards economic development. He explains the city asked for one and a half million dollars for a road project. The city did have a project in mind, although Mitchell says he was hesitant to specify what the grant would be used for to give Clinton the flexibility to change their minds.

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The project aim is to add infrastructure not just for commercial growth on Kleemenn Drive on the west side of US Highway 51, but it will also allow for residential growth. Rep. Mitchell explains that despite the state being $8.5-billion dollars in debt, the funds for a one and a half million dollar project are coming from two different funding sources.

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Things are expected to get underway in the spring of 2013. The city has decided to move forward recently with construction to even Kleemann Drive to prepare for the project.

Tune in to Regional Radio news at noon today for reactions from your local elected officials on the capital grant and what effect this will have on your city.

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