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There is still time to be a part of Clinton Schools referendum campaign team.

The campaign team is comprised of community volunteers aimed at raising awareness in the community to garner support to pass the referendum to build a new elementary school in the Clinton district. Renny Cluver is the campaign chairman for the campaign team, he explains there are 4 committees within the campaign team to be involved in.

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Cluver is a former educator and administrator. He says he has seen both sides of the benefits a new building can have. He feels it is a great opportunity for the students, but from the tax payers and voters standpoint, he feels it's a great benefit for them because there is no cost to them other than voting yes.

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The campaign team is in need of people to go out and go door to door later in February to talk to residents and raise awareness and answer questions. Cluver adds there will be some literature they will be sending out soon with information about the referendum he hopes you will take a look at when that arrives.

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To become involved in the campaign you can contact Renny Cluver at 217-520-6135 or you can contact the Clinton School district who can also get you in contact with him.

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