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The Dr. John Warner Hospital in Clinton continues to seek ways to generate revenues.

In what is becoming tough times for the city owned hospital, they are seeking to expand on areas to generate revenues. The hospital recently spent time revamping their Strategic Plan to find areas they could generate some more revenues, and they came up with what is called their 'swing bed' program. Business Director at the DJWH Sandy Rice explains a 'swing bed' program bridges the gap between being discharged and living at home independently.

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Rice notes there are some qualifications patients who wish to take advantage of the program must meet. She adds however, there are a number of ways to get them into the program.

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The 'swing bed' program will coincide with the physical therapy department across the street from the hospital. Rice explains the physical therapists will come over and work with the patients and once they are discharged they have the option to continue to come back to the physical therapy building to get back to full health.

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The DJWH plans to begin marketing the 'swing bed' program more as a part of their updated Strategic Plan. While Medicare pays for the program, Medicaid does not.

For more information on the 'swing bed' program, you can call the DJWH at 935-9570 and ask for Brenda Lehman.

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