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The Heyworth school district will have a new voice leading their schools beginning July 1.

Current Superintendent of Heyworth Schools, Randy Merker is retiring following the conclusion of the 2011-2012 school year. He says he has been thinking about this decision for some time, and he worked with the Board of Education to outline a plan for his exit and to find a replacement. The Heyworth Board of Education has named Dr. Ty Wolf as his replacement.

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Dr. Wolf is currently the Superintendent and Principal of the Tonica Grade School district. Merker explains he and Dr. Wolf know each other from their days as educators in the Quincy school district. Merker feels it is a good thing he knows Dr. Wolf.

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Merker says he has been in consistent contact with Dr. Wolf to help in the transition process. He adds he recently spent some time with Dr. Wolf discussion the Heyworth district and the way they do things. Merker stresses he does not give Dr. Wolf every detail of the districts business, but rather he is simply keeping him involved enough he will have a good general knowledge of the districts business upon his arrival.

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Merker believes the hiring of the Superintendent is one of the most important roles a Board of Education serves. He says he has stayed completely out of the process. The district hired an outside search firm to seek out candidates and do research on them, and they brought back a list to the BOE. Merker is very pleased with the work of his Board in their hiring of Dr. Wolf.

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