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DeWitt County residents will have several options at the March primary this year.

On the Republican side of the ballot for the DeWitt County Board:

In District A, Sherri Brown(incumbent), Cole Ritter, Dan Ballenger, and Larry Schumm all from Clinton.

In District B, Terry Ferguson of Clinton(incumbent), Ed Young (incumbent), Laura Enger (incumbent), and Mark Gardner of Farmer City.

In District C, Leon Owens (incumbent), David Newberg, and Ron Savage Jr of Clinton and David Terry Hoffman of Maroa.

In District D, Jay Wickenhauser (incumbent), Pete Daugherty (incumbent), and Melonie Tillie (incumbent DeWitt County Board Chair) all of Clinton.

For the Circuit Clerk, Lori Berger (incumbent) and Pam Barnes, both of Clinton.

Randy Rice of Clinton is running for Coroner.

And Karle Koritz of Bloomington is running for States Attorney.

On the Democratic side of the ballot:

In District A, incumbent Camille Redman of Wapella is running unopposed.

In District B, incumbent Dana Evans of Farmer City is running unopposed.

In District C, Russell Davenport (incumbent), Scott Nimmo (incumbent) and Michael Bray of Clinton.

In District D, Rita Sue May of Clinton is running unopposed.

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