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Farmer City will be expanding on one of their pieces of infrastructure.

Larry Woliung is the Farmer City Manager, he explains Farmer City is unique in that they are one of the smallest communities in Illinois with their own electrical generating systems. Residents within Farmer City receive their power from the system, and some outside of the city as well. He explains they are going to be bringing in some large generators to improve their service and to be prepared for growth in the future.

[audio:largegenerator1.mp3] [/audio]

Thanks to a co-op program Farmer City is now a part of, the generators do not run as much as they did. Woliung explains the Farmer City generators are also a back up source of power for those communities they are a part of the co-op with.

[audio:largegenerator2.mp3] [/audio]

The new generators should not have a major impact on residents electric bills within Farmer City. Woliung says they are in the process of doing a rate study. He says while "rate study" can sometimes be a buzz word to some, for the city it simply a study to make sure they have their costs covered.

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Woliung says other communities with set-ups similar to that of Farmer City have found that their rates were not actually covering the costs. He says the are just currently investigating whether their costs are getting covered.

Another unique aspect to their power system, is that it is a community system, owned by the residents.

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