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Like most school districts around the state, the Maroa-Forsyth district is trying to make do with what little the state is providing.

The school district facing a couple of retirements at their younger levels, and Superintendent of Maroa-Forsyth Schools, Mike Williams explains with class sizes at their first grade level, they will have to hire one teacher, but they are having to take a wait-and-see approach with their other position.

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Other than the two positions they are dealing with at their elementary level, Williams does not envision any other layoffs or cuts anywhere else, which he says is good news.

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With state funding having not been consistent in the past, Williams notes the school district has put off some budgetary items to keep up in other areas. He predicts this year they are going to have to find ways to address upgrading some school buses and updating technology in the schools.

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Williams says the district is looking to lease computers instead of outright buying computers. He says the district will explore trading in current buses for new ones.

Clinton schools currently have leasing agreements in place some of the technology in their schools. With the way their lease agreement is written, they can trade in old technology for new technology, when new items hit the market.

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