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The DeWitt County Sheriff's Department has revamped their website.

The Department worked with CrimeStoppers, who helped fund the design, for the past several months to get it up and running. DeWitt County Sheriff Jered Shofner says the website contains information requested most by citizens. He says the biggest highlight is the sex offenders list. He says this will help citizens better monitor them.

 [audio:sheriffswebsite1.mp3] [/audio]

Other features on their new website include updated special interest pieces in their news tab. The Sheriff notes any emails submitted through the website go directly to him. The new website is a part of the Department working to increase their presence on the internet.

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Sheriff Shoffner explains communicating is a focal point to him. He feels one positive advantage his department can utilize with technology is the ability to communicate quickly and accurately, which is his hope for the website.

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The Sheriff's Department also has a presence on Facebook and is exploring a presence on Twitter, in fact, the Sheriff says in the next couple of months for the Department to be on Twitter.

Sheriff Shofner encourages everyone to visit www.dewittsheriff.com and see what all they have on there.

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