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The Clinton City Council has some budgetary decisions to make tonight.

The Clinton Tree Commission has approached the Council recently to approve the purchase of tree software. John Baker with the Clinton Tree Commission explains the Commission feels this would greatly improve the efficiency of tracking trees in the city and keeping inventory as well. The price of the software is around $18-hundred, Baker adds the Commission would be willing to find areas in their budget to help pay for the software.

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At their last meeting, the Council approved $10-thousand of repairs to the City's Street Sweeper. Public Works Director Steve Lobb explains the Streets Department does not have money in their repairs budget but feels they may be able to get money from other areas. He adds the problems has the machine completely out of commission.

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The Clinton Fire Department had the old transmitters donated to them from the DeWitt County Sheriff's Department that were left from the Sheriff's Department's Narrow Band Compliance update. The Fire Department was seeking to independently buy some other transmitters at a cost of around $800. Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters asked Department to find areas to help pay for those to eliminate the City dipping deeper into their savings. They will hear more on that tonight and will make a decision to approve those purchases.

The Council meets tonight at 7 pm at Clinton City Hall.

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