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Governor Pat Quinn unveiled his proposed budget plan Wednesday, calling it a “rendeveous with reality”.

The governor is calling for more money for early childhood education and college map grants but also for several state facility closures and consolidations. He says this will be a tough year but that it's time to tackle the state's financial problems head on.

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The governor says the state needs to fix the broken pension system. He says 75% of pension funds go towards non-state employees. He adds everyone needs to be involved in contributing.

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The governor also addressed the Illinois Medicaid system. He says lawmakers need to reconsider the groups that are eligible, the service that are covered and the way and amount it is paid for. He stressed they need to begin protecting against fraud and abuse in the system.

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The governor also discussed closing and consilidating several state facilities. He urged lawmakers to pass his "Hiring Veterans Tax Credit". And he also addressed investing in early childhood education and the MAP grant funding.

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