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One local Superintendent was hoping for a few more answers from Governor Quinn last week about the funding for his school next year.

Governor Pat Quinn's Budget address last week left school districts all over downstate Illinois wondering about next year's budgets. Governor Quinn spoke in pretty general terms when it came to school budgets for the upcoming fiscal year, and Dr. Vic Zimmerman, Superintendent of Monticello Schools was hoping the Governor would be a little more specific.

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Transportation has been a big target to Governor and his administration, and Superintendents around the state were expecting him to in some way address transportation funding, however, Governor Quinn said very little about it. Dr. Zimmerman says that leaves school districts in a tough spot to try to soon put together their budgets for next year.

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Dr. Zimmerman says the state cutting transportation funding any farther is going to leave districts with no revenues and expenses they can't cover. He feels raising taxes is not a good way to get funding either because wealthier districts will continue to get richer and districts with less in property values will continue to struggle.

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Dr. Zimmerman says school districts with poverty could face shutting down and he says that would reignite discussions the Governor has had recently involving consolidating school districts.

Dr. Zimmerman would just like lawmakers to tell the districts what they will be receiving so they can adjust and plan accordingly.

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