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The DeWitt County Board has addressed and discussed the ambulance issue.

Before wrapping up their regular monthly meeting Thursday evening, DeWitt County Board Chair Melonie Tilley addressed the Board in the direction they would like to go. No final decisions were made, but she gave them questions to think about.

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Tilley called for the Board to act swiftly Thursday night. She stressed because the end of December is the deadline, time is not on their side. Tilley wants a plan developed by June.

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The County Board will begin their budgeting process later in the summer and Tilley wants to have a plan in place to have the ambulance levy be a part of the upcoming budget.

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Tilley says the County has several options. She will be visiting Logan County to see how their operation works and obtain information about their non-profit service. She also says the County has the option to obtain the Dr. John Warner Hospital's equipment, among several others.

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One decision was made Thursday evening. The County Board will be holding a community forum for the public to come and give their opinions on which direction they would like to see the ambulance service go. The time, date and location for that meeting will be announced soon, as it was discussed to hold it in early April.

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