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Heyworth Schools are anticipating more reductions in the districts budget.

The past three years, General State Aid funding to school districts around the state of Illinois have been gradually decreasing, forcing schools to make cuts or dip into reserve funds. Heyworth Schools Superintendent Randy Merker is speculates that trend should continue on into this year.

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Merker explains Heyworth schools have seen an 11% decrease in their general revenue buget in the past three years. He says that amounts to $360-thousand, which is a significant reduction in revenue and leave the district in a tough spot.

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In an $8-million budget, a loss of $360-thousand dollars may not sound like much, but Merker explains because some funds can only be used on certain things, taking away that revenue from a fund that in essence pays the bills is quite significant.

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Merker is hopeful better days are ahead for the schools of central Illinois. Lawmakers once again this year are working to put over $2-billion dollars of the Illinois budget to pay back a back-log of bills and pass a balanced budget.

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