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The Roque Court/Peace Project is in the final stages towards completion.

With just a few things left to complete, the Clinton High School Class of 73 is hopeful the project will be complete this spring or summer. Cris Rogers with the Class of 73 explains they have just a few things to do yet to a project that has taken longer than expected thanks to an always unpredictable Mother Nature.

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Rogers believes the Class of 73 may have underestimated the amount of time needed to complete the project. He says the went into the endeavor feeling as though the park could be up and restored in about a year. Rogers says there were a lot of things that came about they were not expecting.

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The Roque Court is still in the process of being put together. Rogers says maintenance on it is still in the works. As for maintenance to the park, Rogers explains the Class of 73 has agreed one year of maintenance with the city.

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Rogers says the support from the community for park has been overwhelming and the park would not be where it is without that community support. He estimates they are $25-hundred to $4-thousand away from having everything they need.

The park is still in need of nice benches, a flagpole and garbage cans.

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