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The Clinton City Council took care of some notable unfinished business items from their agenda on Monday evening.

A couple of items involving the Dr. John Warner Hospital were taken care of. The city owned hospital has announced they will be selling their ambulances as they will no longer be needing them. Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters explains the item gives the hospital the permission to sell the ambulances to the non-profit ambulance service that is being worked on being formed, which gives them the first opportunity to make a bid on the ambulances.

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The city has entered into an agreement with Habitat for Humanity to remove the white house adjacent to the DJWH. Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters explains Habitat has been contracted to remove the house and will not be receiving compensation.

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The Streets Department was approved for the purchase that will improve the rate of leaf clean up in the autumn months. Public Works Director Steve Lobb explains the leaf vac system they purchased was priced at a bid they received last year. Last year the streets department battled issues receiving the first system, this second purchase is a follow up of a planned purchase.

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A lot of discussion Monday evening was focused towards the Clinton Fire Departments desire to upgrade two of their fire engines to what is considered basic life support.

In other business from Monday evening...

> The Council approved the establishment of a new TIF district.

> They approved a contract to sell the property at 523 East Julia Street.

> The purchase was approved for a new Mobile Police Radio for Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy's vehicle.

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