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The DeWitt County Board recently approved changes for Insurance for County employees.

Hospital Insurance will be one of the changes employees will go through. County employees hospital insurance will become a "Point of Service Plan". Chair of the Finance Committee, Ed Young explains the changes will cause employees who utilize the insurance to pay a portion of just about everything they do.

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Young adds the new plan will have a larger deductible but it will be significantly cheaper, which the Finance Committee felt was a big deal.

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In the transition to the new insurance carrier, employees deductibles already paid for their current plan will not carry over to the new the plan. Young recognizes this is a weakness in the new plan, however, the company will continue to recognize claims made before the switch is made.

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Another change county employees will notice is their life insurance policies will be bumped to $10-thousand. Right now county employees have a $5-thousand policy. Young says the increase per month will be minimal to go from $5-thousand to $10-thousand policies.

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County employees also can choose to increase the amount of the life insurance policy.

The changes go in effect July 1.

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