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Despite the focus on the lack of pension reforms during the Spring Legislative Session, one local representative believes lawmakers tackled a lot of issues.

State Representative Chapin Rose feels the media is only focusing on the unresolved pension issue and isn't looking at the reforms made in programs such as Medicaid and welfare. Rose feels the legislation made major forward progress and says reforms will save 1.6 billion dollars.

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It's estimated 300-thousand people are on Illinois' welfare system that shouldn't be. Rep. Rose adds with all the reforms and cuts, Illinois is moving towards a balanced budget. He says the next and separate step becomes cutting down the debt.

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Rep. Rose feels eliminating the General Assembly scholarship was a big step forward. Rose stopped giving away a scholarship several years ago because he felt if the State cannot pay it's universities on time then they shouldn't be sending students there on free tuition.

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Rose adds that Governor Pat Quinn will be meeting with leaders on the pension bill. They will work to get reforms worked out and call lawmakers back later in the summer for a vote on those reforms.

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