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With young animals running about, the Department of Natural Resources wants to remind people to not take in stray wild animals.

According to Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer Ray Wiches, people have been known to take in baby animals they think are orphaned or hurt. Although your heart might be in the right place Wiches says the animal is probably close to its mother, and people should leave the animals alone.

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Not only is it illegal for a person to have a wild animal in their home, but it is dangerous for animals to be around humans. Many people do not know how to properly feed the animals, and animals that are taken care of by humans tend to imprinted to humans and according to Wiches imprinting is very dangerous to an animals well being.

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Many animals are being taught how to survive on their own this time of year. If you see an animal during the day by itself, don't worry about it, but if it is there overnight, then you should call your district's Department of Natural Resources  or local police station.

For DeWitt County, the district number is 217-935-6860.

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