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This is a very popular time of year for weddings, and Social Security has some reminders when changing your name or receiving a new Social Security card.

Kevin Rice of Social Security, says is important to know what you need to bring before you come in to make changes or receive a new card. People looking to have their name changed need to bring proof of the name change and an original copy of their ID.

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Rice adds there are some special cases where only the change of name is needed. He says a marriage change of name only requires a marriage certificate.

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Rice says it is not uncommon for them to turn down people for not having proper information with them. Getting a new social security card is a free process, and Rice warns people to watch out for websites or persons who claim you have to pay to get an application for a new card.

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Applications can be mailed in or delivered in person. Rice stresses all forms of identification mailed in will be sent back.

For an application, more information or to find your local Social Security office, visit ssa.gov.

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