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The soon to be former President of the Dr. John Warner Hospital Board of Directors was ttoally caught off guard by not being reappointed to the board.

Clinton Mayor Carolyn Peters informed current President Randy Workman he would not be reappointed to the Board of Directors, leaving his position as President vacant. Mayor Peters cited her reasons of not reappointing Workman because of friendships he had made in his time on the Board. Workman says absolutely he has friends in the hospital and he does not apologize for them either.

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The Mayor also questioned Workman's abilityu make tough decisions because of "allegiances" he has with employees. Workman points to his eight years experience as Board President making tough decisions despite those "allegiances".

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Workman questions the Mayor's views of the Board's role of discipline towards employees. Workman says that responsibility lies with the CEO of the hospital, Earl Sheehy. Workman adds Sheehy can come to the BOard with those actions, but he is not mandated to.

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A total of four Board positions are now available. Mayor Peters will present the Clinton City Council with three appointments to approve tonight at the Clinton City Council meeting.

Workman's last regular season Hospital Board Meeting will be Monday June, 25.

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