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On a majority vote, the Clinton City Council Monday evening voted to table a pair of appointments to the Dr. John Warner Hospital Board.

Three Commissioners cited receiving concerns from residents and the situation involving Randy Workman not being re-appointed to the Board, who is also serving as the Board President. One of those concerns the Council received was a letter from Workman. In the letter, Workman expressed his concern towards the Hospital Board situation, the hospital's finances, and the upcoming strategic plan.

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Workman expressed his concern towards the lack of experience that will be left on the Board. Workman and B.A. Nelson's terms expire at the end of the month. Workman will not be reappointed and Nelson has recently informed the Board she did not want to be reappointed.

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Workman feels being on the hosptial board is a huge commitment. He says dealing with a $17-million budget and 150 employees takes a while to learn and really understand what is going on.

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Workman is serving in his second, nonconsecutive term as Hospital Board President. His term expires at the end of the month. According to the bylaws of the Hospital, should an appointment not be made for Workman's replacement on the Board, he could still serve until someone has been approved.

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