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DeWitt County Board Approves Patrick Engineering For Landfill Reviews

The DeWitt County Board recently approved to hire Patrick Engineering to review Clinton Landfill Permit Modifications.

The contract would be on an as needed basis and according to DeWitt County Board Chair, Melonie Tilley, the landfill provides a variety of updates to the Environmental Protection Agency. Tilley notes they may be changes, or quarterly reports or testing of wells and the County gets a copy of those. Patrick Engineering would act as an aid in the event the County Board would need additional information on those permit modifications.

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Tilley notes representatives from AREA do come to the Land Use Committee meetings to provide updates of their permit modifications.

Because the cost will be on an as need basis, the cost is not an annual fee. Tilley explains the Land Use Committee sent Patrick Engineering a handful of permit modifications to get an estimate of what their services would have cost. Land Use Committee Chair, Terry Ferguson said the most expensive quote was around $2-thousand. Tilley explains the financing for this firm will come out of $35-thousand dollars that was set aside for inspection purposes at the landfill.

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Tilley stresses Patrick Engineering's services will be used on an as needed basis. They will serve as a safety net in the event they need the expertise of the firm. She adds it could end up where the County doesn't even utilize the services of the firm.

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If Patrick Engineering is need and they do find something questionable in a permit modification from the landfill, they could approach the EPA with a public comment.

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