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4-H Dog Show This Past Saturday; Horse Show This Weekend

 width=The DeWitt County 4-H Fair kicked off Saturday with the annual dog show.

4-H club members and their dogs were able to compete in either obedience, showmanship, dog care or costume. According to dog superintendent Debbie Askins, many children participate in the costume section, but she notices that those who are in sections such as obedience work with their dogs everyday.

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Dog presenters Tamsin Myers of Clinton and Gwendalyn Dannerduncan of Farmer City say training their dogs is a learning experience. Myers was a first time presenter this year, but Dannerduncan has shown in the past and she says the judges aren't the scariest part of showing your dog, its trusting that your dog will do what its suppose to do.

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Dannerduncan says her goal is to make it to state, and some of DeWitt County's 4-H dog presenters have made it to state such as Rayanna Anderson of Clinton. She has qualified for state three years in a row in obedience and placed 8th in 2010. Anderson says if she qualifies, she will make the trip to state again.

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The DeWitt County 4-H Fair will continue next Saturday with a two day horse show.

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