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Monticello Schools Facility Study Underway

One local school district the past few years has had minor maintenance projects, but some inspections this summer could lead the district to bigger decisions.

Students and alumni of Monticello schools know it is no secret their facilities are very historic, but beginning to age. Superintendent of Monticello Schools, Dr. Vic Zimmerman explains despite their age, the districts buildings have been very well maintained. The district recently has approved a facility study to be conducted on the districts buildings, which is underway.

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Dr. Zimmerman feels planning for the future needs to be a priority to allow the students to maximize their pontential. The study will reveal whether the district needs to do some major modifications to their buildings or build new facilities.

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The investigation is two-fold. The architects have toured the facilities and they will make notes of what else they find. Dr. Zimmerman says when they present to the board their findings, they will then compare what 21st Century facilities should be like. When the Monticello Board compares what the district currently has to what the district needs, they will then make their decision.

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Part of this process will be community engagement. Dr. Zimmerman notes there are a lot of Monticello High School alumni still a part of the community. He feels they may be surprised by what they see if they come out to the school and take a look around.

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The cost of this study for Monticello schools was $25-thousand dollars. Dr. Zimmerman feels it was a worthy investment because when it is all done they will have a plan in place for their facilities that will allow them to make some decisions and look ahead five to ten years.

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