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Warrensburg-Latham Schools Introducing Literacy Initiative For Upcoming School Year

The Warrensburg-Latham School District is starting a new literacy initiative this summer.

The school district is trying to collect donations to put more books in classroom libraries. According to Superintendent Kristen Kendrick, the districts goal is to make each classroom library hold at least 300 books.  She says this will help younger students be more willing and eager to read.

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She says research shows the addition of more books plus an inviting enviroment will boost a student's willingness to read.  Kendrick adds that having more books in each classroom will also help widen the reading levels, so students can find books that are both improving their reading skills and entertaining.

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Kendrick's add that what makes the libraries successful is by adding more "just right books". These are books that a student can read, but is a little challenging for the student. Kendrick says if a student doesn't know five words or more on the page, its too hard for them, and they should go back and look for a different one.

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The literacy initiative is targeted to help students balance technology and picking up a book. Kendrick says students are exposed to technology almost 24/7, and she believes it is good for them to take a step back and pick up a book.

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The school district is currently accepting monetary and book donations at the districts office at 430 W. North St in Warrensburg. The school district will go through the books and donate them to whatever grade level they see fit.

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