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Clinton School District Acts On Budget Deficit

As the state of Illinois falls farther and farther behind, the Clinton School District once again this year had to find areas in their budget to make up for the shortfall.

Superintendent of Clinton Schools, Dr. Jeff Holmes explains the district faced an approximate $700-thousand deficit, so the Clinton Board of Education has taken $2-million out of their working cash funds to put towards their education fund. Dr. Holmes compares the working cash funds to the districts savings money.

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Part of the $2-million will go towards balancing the budget that ended June 30, 2012. The rest , Dr. Holmes explains, will go towards offsetting the cost of planned technology upgrades. He notes the money will likely cover the districts plans of in a couple years, of having an iPad in the hands of each student.

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In the past, the state has provided the district with 100% of their payments, however, not in the full amounts. The state this year has informed schools they will not be making all the payments they are owed, which Dr. Holmes feels is a good thing. He notes, the shortfalls being filled in by the school's savings is becoming common practice.

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In addition, also becoming common practice is budgeting for the payments the district can be sure of they will receive from the state. Dr. Holmes feels the school district has been very responsible with their money, and they are always keeping on eye on what the state is doing in regards to changes geared towards schools.

The district is currently putting together it's Fiscal Year 13 budget.

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