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Increasing Number of Car Thefts Reported In Clinton

Car break-ins have become an increasing problem this summer throughout Clinton.

Clinton Police Chief Mike Reidy explains break-ins are being reported between 11 at night and around four in the morning. He believes these burglars are looking for cash, cigarettes, or even expensive devices they can turn over quickly for cash.

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Chief Reidy notes the thefts started in a small portion of town but are now spreading. He encourages residents to not leave any valuables in their vehicles, keep any outdoor lights on at night, and as always, lock your vehicles at all times.

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It is believed these vandals are on foot and dressing in dark clothing to not be noticed. Chief Reidy encourages each resident to keep a watchful eye of their property and their neighbors. He says anything suspicious in the late hours of the evening and night should be reported.

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Chief Reidy notes the so far do not have many leads and because of the late hours of the night and homes being closed up due to the heat, many of these vandalisms are going unnoticed until after they happen.

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