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Potential Okaw Valley Conference Break Up Leaves Local Administrator Frustrated

As decision day comes for up to seven Okaw Valley Conference schools who want to leave the conference, the decision comes leaving one administator frustrated.

Superintendent of the Maroa-Forsyth school district, Mike Williams says these decisions are being dictated by football. Of the many issues expressed by the seven schools wishing to leave, Williams takes exception to a couple. He is calling for these schools to stop hiding behind the reasoning of enrollment size and travel distance, and say what the real reasoning is behind these decisions.

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This has taken many administrators from the remaining five schools by surprise. Williams points to a reception held in May where many Okaw school administrators were present and talks were positive. Just weeks later, rumors swirled of schools discussing leaving the conference. Williams says he does not know where these talks came from.

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Moving forward, the five remaining schools, Maroa-Forsyth, Tolono-Unity, Monticello, Decatur St. Teresa, and Clinton would still have the rights to the Okaw Valley name. Williams explains they will seek to add at least 3 schools to the conference, but five would be ideal.

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The five remaining schools administrators have met and Regional Radio News has confirmed two schools being invited to the Okaw Conference, in St. Joseph-Ogden and Champaign St. Thomas More. Williams could not confirm the other three, however, he notes they travel to Sullivan and Shelbyville, which are one hour and ten minute trips for them. He says the schools they have talked with are in that same "ballpark" of travel.

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