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DeWitt County 4-H Fair Recap

The DeWitt County 4-H Fair was held last weekend in Clinton.

The 4-H Fair had high numbers this year all around. Sherry Fulton of the University of Illinois Extension Office says she saw a lot of children pulling through and doing all of their projects, they signed up for. She explains each year, some children don't present what they signed up for, but she noticed the fair looked full this year.

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Those numbers included a high rise in poultry, which had 54 submissions this year. Superintendent Connie Lovett says she hasn't seen numbers this high in poultry for 10 years.

 width=Lovett says she is pleased to see the high numbers since she finds 4-H very beneficial. She has put all four of her children through 4-H, and she believes it helps them develop skills that will help them tremendously in the future.

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Lovett's daughter Sadie is thankful for the skills she has developed because of 4-H. She has been able to use the skills she's gained in job interviews, and it has helped her with her horse boarding business.

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 width=Sadie says the 4-H Fair will be different for her next year since this is the last year she can present at the fair. Billy Blue, who also showed for the last time this year, feels the same way Sadie does. Blue has noticed he has gained numerous life skills that he can take with him when he goes to college.

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Blue encourages all children over the age of 8 to check out 4-H, since there are many categories to it that people don't realize. He says even though he came from a family that has been active in 4-H for decades, he didn't realize there was a home economics portion until he became active.

Results of the fair will be posted on dewittdailynews.com later this week.


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