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City of Lincoln Looking To Purchase New Fire Truck

The city of Lincoln is currently faced with the challenging task of finding a new fire truck.

Lincoln is looking for a new pumper truck. According to Mayor Keith Snyder, their old pump has had some complications in the past and doesn't hold water the way it should. He adds with fires being abundant this summer, it's something the town really needs.

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Lincoln is believed to have the oldest running fire station in the state, which causes some problems when finding a new truck.  Not only, does the city need to find a truck that fits their needs, but it has to be small enough to fit in the fire station's small quarters. Snyder says they have to keep the structure of the building in mind when searching for the new truck.

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New firetrucks have computers in them that hold blue prints of buildings,  so firefighters can get to know the layout of the building before they arrive to the fire. One of Lincoln's firetrucks already has this feature, and Snyder believes this advancement in technology is very useful and beneficial.

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Snyder adds the lack of space in their current firehouse has led the city to investigate looking at either remodeling their current building or even building a new fire station to better suit newer trucks and the needs of today's equipment.

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