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DeWitt County Ambulance Association To Make Bid For Ambulance Service

The DeWitt County Board will review the DeWitt County Ambulance Advisory Committee's Request For Proposal for ambulance service for much of the county.

Once that is approved, the Advisory Committee can send that out for bids. One recently formed local organization is expected to place a bid. The DeWitt County Ambulance Association, Inc. (DCAA) is headed by Terrance Hubbard. Hubbard explains they are a community centered non-for profit service, and they have mirrored what Logan County currently has.

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As the Advisory Committee has plugged along in figuring out what they wanted in the Request for Proposal (RFP), Hubbard says he has kept tabs on what they are asking for and what they will expect. He notes once the DeWitt County Board approves the RFP, they will be ready to place their bid.

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Some of the things the Advisory Committee will look for from the providers will be two ambulances on hand at all times, with a third on stand-by through various means. According to Hubbard, one aspect he felt was a good part of the RFP is having well trained personnel that are familiar with the area.

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In each company's bids, there are going to be several things that are going to be the same, however, Hubbard says the biggest differences will be the costs. The costs will then be analyzed why they are there. Hubbard believes the cost will ultimately be the biggest factor in the process.

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As the County prepares it's budget for the upcoming year, Hubbard feels once the RFP is approved by the County Board, the process should move rather quickly.

Once the Advisory Committee has received all the bids, each company will have an opportunity to come before them and give an oral presentation. The advisory Committee will make a decision on a provider, and recommend that provider to the County Board, who will have to approve them, they will agree to a contract, and the County will then have an ambulance provider.

The DeWitt County Ambulance Association, Inc. is a completely separate entity of Dr. John Warner Hospital.

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