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Penn State Scandal Bringing Child Sexual Abuse Issue To Forefront

As details of the Penn State scandal continue to become public, non-for profit groups aimed at child safety are taking the opportunity to raise awareness of child sexual abuse.

Recent research done with convicted sex offenders gives researchers, caregivers and parents new signs of sexual abuse. Judy Brucker is the Executive Director of the Children's Advocacy Center, she says the advice comes from the perspective of these sex offenders.

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Sex offenders can be any one of a number of people you know, and may know very well. Brucker says these individuals implore parents to be mindful of their kids' friends and family's. They also encourage parents to watch for children who like to spend alone with small children.

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Brucker believes this can be a very tough subject to talk about or even want to pay attention to, but she feels it is very important to the protection of your children. One aspect to the research she felt was worth noting was how these predators gain access to children. Their response was simply, they pay attention to kids.

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Brucker implores parents to trust their instincts and to continue to communicate with your kids. She feels this research is very much groundbreaking because it is coming from the minds of the predators after kids.

Brucker adds it is something parents need to mindful of at all times because it is the parents jobs to protect their kids, not the kids responsibility to protect themselves.

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