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Social Security Offers Young Workers Opportunity To Keep Tabs On Account

Social Security urges young workers to keep taps on their Social Security accounts.

Even though retirement seems a long way away when a person is just starting to work, Social Security is encouraging all workers to keep tabs on their social security accounts. According to Jack Meyers of Social Security, even though a person may only associate Social Security with retirement, it also comes into the picture with disabilities and survivors.

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There is a webinar called "Social Security 101: What's in it for me?" that let's people know exactly what all is in Social Security benefits. Meyers said it is mainly geared toward new workers who are paying the tax for the first time and want to know what all they will get out of it.

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Meyers says he thinks it's good for people to start saving for retirement as soon as possible and to keep tabs on it. Workers never know when they are going to need to use their benefits and it nevers hurts to start early on saving up.

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To get to the webinar, go to socialsecurity.gov.

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